Description : North Face 1402 sft. Apartment Contains: 3 Beds, 3 Baths (2 Attach & 1 Common), 2 Verandas, Drawing, Dining & Kitchen.
Fittings : 24”x24” DBL Brand Tiles, RAK Sanitary Ware, Sharif Sanitary Fittings, Decorate Main & Internal Door, Entire Fittings as per Interior Demand.
Major Structure Materials:
Steel: 60 Grade Deformed Bar Manufacture By : BSRM / Rahim.
Cement: Manufacture By : Premier/ Scan.
Aggregates: Stone Chips used for all Major Structure (Columns, Beams & Foundation).
Bricks: First Class Machine Made Bricks (Gas Brun).
Sand: 2.5 FM Coarse Sand for Sylhet Sand; 1.5 FM for Local Sand.
Package Price Per Floor: . 1,10,00,000/- (Included One Car Park & Utility-
(Electricity & Water).
Project Status.

Offering Living Space, Apartment, Condo and Commercial space with Custom-designed Interior and Exterior for your dream project. By putting your trust in Quantum, You are ensured Quality Construction in  terms of Structural, Electrical and Plumbing works. Your property is never compromised in terms of Land Documentation and all relevant Departmental Approval before offerings. Hope associated with your Dream Project can be wishfully materialized by us with our own technology, experience and know-how.

Additional Features and Services you can avail are as follows:

  • Interior Decoration
  • Conceptual Modern Furniture
  • Child Safety
  • Electric Shock Proof / Safety
  • Conceptual Wall Decoration and Fittings
  • Floor Step up option
  • Conceptual Modern Flooring
  • Window Treatment
  • Space Management
  • Building Management
  • Security Surveillance System
  • Lighting Illusion
  • Heat and Sound Proofing
  • Room Theater with Echo proofing
  • Fire Safety
  • Ventilation and Air Exhausting  

Quantum Properties Ltd. has earned enormous trust in the area of building construction. We welcome you to come forward to exchange ideas for excellence.


Floor Plan (Single Unit, Draw Plan)



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